DSN 2008 Call for Proposals:

Workshops Chair:
Christof Fetzer, Dresden University of Technology, [email protected]

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Workshops at DSN provide a forum for a group of participants (typically 20 to 50 in size) to interact and exchange opinions on topics related to any of the many facets of dependable systems and networks. We welcome participation by professionals from a range of diverse backgrounds who can contribute to advancing the technology and understanding of the workshop subject. Workshop attendance is open to all registered conference delegates. Each workshop may be either a half-day or one full day in length.

Proposals for workshops are solicited.

A workshop submission consists of a descriptive proposal that is not more than three pages in length, and which contains:

Acceptance will be based on an evaluation of the workshop's potential for generating useful results, the timeliness of and expected interest in the topic, and the proposers' ability to lead a successful workshop. Accepted workshops will have a two-page proceedings-format summary (generated by the workshop organizers) published in the Main Proceedings of the conference. Written contributions to the workshop itself (summaries, short papers, etc.) will be included in the Supplement to the DSN Proceedings.

Please submit all workshop proposals by the deadline of October 8, 2007, preferably as an Acrobat (.pdf) attachment. Submission is via e-mail to the Workshop Chair: Christof Fetzer, Dresden University of Technology, [email protected] Workshop proposers will be notified of the outcome of their submission by November 13, 2007.

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